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Let’s make this the New Years Eve that we DON’T “resolve” to change everything about us! Let’s instead make this the New Years Eve that we take note of all of our great qualities, we celebrate all of our 2016 accomplishments and we make realistic and achievable goals to keep us moving forward in 2017!

Let’s ring in the New Year filled with happiness and excitement for the upcoming year and not with a big list of “wonderful sounding” resolutions that we know deep down we will never keep!

Let’s keep it SIMPLE this New Years Eve…. Let’s just do a few small things just for “us”

Let’s sleep more

Ample, good quality sleep is essential for our optimal health and wellness; we need it in order to help our body detoxify, rejuvenate and repair itself. When our sleep pattern is poor, less then 7 hours of good quality sleep each night, our mood is negatively affected, we tend to be less active and we will often reach for those high sugar options for that “quick burst” of needed energy.

Keep a few of the following tips in mind to help ensure you are getting adequate, good quality sleep:

  • Start off by establishing a bedtime that will allow you to get 7-8 hours of sleep per night; for example if you are aiming for 8 hours of sleep and have to be up by 6:00am, plan to be ready for sleep at 10:00pm

  • Eliminate or greatly reduce your caffeine and alcohol consumption, especially after 5:00pm (these will increase urination and will also lead to restless sleep)

  • Turn off electronic devices 1-2 hours prior to bedtime and avoid having a television in the bedroom

  • Avoid eating within 3 hours of bedtime

  • Make your bedroom a relaxing retreat, choose a paint color that you find calming, set the room at a comfortable room temperature and ensure that it is dark enough to promote good sleep

  • Use some relaxation methods prior to bed, a soothing bath, listening to soft music, using relaxing breathing techniques or meditation, yoga, tai chi, reading and writing down your worries and “to do” list can all help to promote better quality sleep

Let’s eat more…Real Food

  • Purchase fresh, free range meat choices from a local farmer in order to avoid the hormones and antibiotics often provided to commercially raised live stock

  • Choose local and in-season fresh vegetables in order to avoid the pesticides, herbicides and resultant diminished nutrient quality of store bought/non-local items. Purchasing in-season will help to ensure that our products are not only fresh (quick turnover from the garden to the table) but that they are providing our body with what it needs most for the particular season. In the winter months we want more of the hearty, warming root vegetables that require more cooking time; they will provide us with a nutrient dense, warming meal for those cold winter days.

  • Keep the “goodies” to a minimum; choose more fruits, vegetables and healthy alternatives instead of the pastries, candies and chocolates. Serve healthy dips made with yogurt and your favourite fresh herbs and spices, hummus or bean dips, cookies made with almond, coconut or whole wheat flours with sugar alternatives such as honey or maple syrup. If you just can’t make it without indulging in some chocolate, choose dark chocolate (organic if possible) instead and just remember…. everything in moderation

  • Keep your serving sizes to healthy proportions, don’t fill your plate to the brim, avoid second helpings and eat only until you feel that “slightly full” sensation. Keep in mind that plate sizes have increased over the years so avoid the temptation to fill that plate up, when preparing your plate the larger portion should consist of fresh vegetables and leafy greens.

Let’s relax more

Let’s make the time for more of what we love to do and less of what we feel we have to do!

  • Shut off the phone, computer and TV and head outside more, whether you’re enjoying a nice walk on a brisk winter day or basking in the sunshine on a great beach-going summer day, make an effort to get outside more

  • If you are a creative person, create more! Take the time to paint, draw, sculpt and create!

  • If you have been infected with the “travel bug” then travel!! Take the time to see the beauty of our world, experience new things and meet new people!

  • Work is good for us and so is a little bit of stress to keep us motivated but it’s important to find that nice work/life balance…. work to live don’t live to work!

  • Incorporate good, healthy coping strategies into your routine when you recognize the stress level rising…. practice some deep breathing exercises, have a nice warm bath, engage in relaxing exercise (yoga or tai chi), go for a walk, hike or run… do whatever works best to de-stress and relax!

Let’s make 2017 OUR YEAR! Our year to take care of “US”!

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Sending A Wish Your Way For A Well BALANCED 2016


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August 20, 2015

I am pleased to announce our commitment to Canadian Feed the Children, an organization dedicated to providing support to children and families in Canada as well as internationally in Bolivia, Ethiopia, Ghana and Uganda.

We have committed to donating a portion of our monthly sales to Canadian Feed the Children to help provide children and families in need with such things as increased access to nutritious food and quality education, and community support. Together we are creating a healthier and brighter future for children around the world.

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