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Consultations and Assessments are a great way to begin your journey (or expand on your existing journey) to a BALANCED healthier "YOU"! 

Complimentary Consultation (20 Minutes)


Not quite sure where to begin or what service will best meet your individual needs? Or do you have a question regarding your current dietary, lifestyle or supplementation routine? Take advantage of this complimentary 15 minute Consultation and I can help you out!Simply head over to the appointment booking page to book a convenient time; there will be a short intake form for you to complete at this time.  I will then contact you via e-mail or telephone (whatever best suits you)at the specified booking time



You've made a great decision to foster your overall health and wellness and I can't wait until we begin your journey together! Together we will discover those simple changes to your current dieatry routine that you can easily incorporate into your daily routine.


This journey is not about "all or nothing", it's about discovering how even small changes over time can have amazing positive effects on your overall health, wellness and activity level. It's about discovering how to easily increase our intake of whole, natural and nutrient dense food items. It's about discovering the importance of listening to our body and ensuring that our unique and indiviual needs are being met. 


So now that you've made the decision to do something great for "you", Just head over to the appointment booking page and select a convenient date and time to begin our journey.


There will be a simple intake form for you to complete, you will receive a confirmation of our journey date and time shortly after you have completed the booking. 


This session typically lasts 75-90 minutes, it is very helpful if you have a 3-Day food journal available that you can refer to and share with me during the session. I will ask you several key questions regarding your current routine however You will guide the service I provide to you by identifying your main concerns and desired goals/outcome.


Together we will discuss the contributing factors to your current complaints/symptoms as well as some strategies that you can implement immdeiately that will best meet your needs and that will fit easily into your current routine. Within 1.5 weeks you will receive an email with additional recommendations that can easily be incorporated into your existing routine.



You've made a great decision to foster your overall health and wellness and you've had your Initial Assessment and Consultation but you still feel like you need a little more guidance and support..... than the follow-up sessions are perfect for you! 

1.5    hour 1:1 Follow-up Session     $89.00

These sessions are designed to review the Initial Assessment Report and the Recommendations shared at the Assessment. We will discuss how the recommendations have been implemented into your routine and the noted benefits or concerns as related to your identified key areas of concern. The follow-up sessions are also a time to make any needed adjustments and share further recommendations moving forward.

Additional recommendations, resources, tips and strategies will be provided for your continued support moving forward.

A flexible payment plan and a "packaged rate" are available for anyone who books more than one follow-up session. Please enquire at time of booking



 The Assessment and Analysis is designed to detect body system imbalances and potential deficiencies; it is capable of detecting many deficiencies before they are detectable via standard testing (blood work). This is a great assessment tool for anyone and is especially helpful for anyone dealing with:

  • low energy/fatique
  • low mood
  • weight management concerns
  • headaches/migraines
  • frequent colds/flu
  • PMS and Menopause symptoms
  • illness/surgery
  • digestive problems
  • regularly prescribed medications
  • Sports nutrition concerns
  • Once you have booked your Assessment and Analysis you will receive and invitation to complete the on-line Assessment. The Assessment is very detailed yet simple to complete (point and click self-report format). Developed by  Natural Health leader David Rowland Phd.


    Once you complete the Assessment and click "finish" I will automatically receive the completed Assessment. A detailed Analysis report is generated (in approximately 1.5 weeks) you will recieve the completed report indicating body system imbalances, those at risk of imbalance and probable nutrient deficiencies.

    You will receive a detailed report including:

  • the analysis outcome
  • recommendations related to diet, lifestyle and supplementation
  • a collection of useful tips, guidelines and resources related to your individual needs 
  • *Book Two Appointments and Save! Great for couples, Mom's and Daughters or best friends  Choose the Add-on Session at time of booking

    *Save on the 7 DAY Mix and Match Menu Plan and Guide! Choose the Add-on Menu Plan at time of booking


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    doterra Essential Oils

    doterra Essential Oils

    Click the image to read more about these fantastic essential oils! Discover how easily they can be incorporated into your health and wellness routine! I trust them, I use them and I love them!

    J.R. Watkins

    J.R. Watkins

    Click the image to find out more about these great products and how easy it is to order and begin incorporating more into your daily routine! I trust these products, use many of them myself and recommend many to clients!

    Supplements Fullscript

    Supplements Fullscript

    Click the image to view a selection of great reasonably priced quality supplements. Supplements that I trust, use myself and/or recommend to clients!

    Food and Healing : Amazon

    Food and Healing : Amazon

    Food and Healing: How what you eat determines your health, your well-being and the quality of your life

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