When it comes to ensuring our children are eating good quality, nutrient dense and healthy food items... a little creativity can go a long way!

Often just the mention of certain food items (broccoli, zucchini, asparagus) can leave the kids turning up their noses and running from the table.

Try incorporating a few of the following ideas when planning your meals, you'll be happy knowing you've added some added nutritional value and the kids won't be running from the table!

· Mix whole-grain noodles into regular spaghetti or macaroni and cheese dishes.

· Pass cooked vegetables in a food processor and add to hamburger patties, meatballs or meatloaf

· Finely grate zucchini or carrots and add to pancake batter

· Add a variety of finely chopped vegetables to canned or packaged soups

· Add freshly juiced carrot juice to canned vegetable or tamato juice

· Add grated zucchini to squares or muffin mixes

· Puree vegetables and add to chilli or spaghetti sauces

· Add grated carrots to tuna or chicken salad

· Hide vegetables in casseroles and main dishes

· Mix low fat sour cream into a favourite salad dressing

· Serve raw vegetables with a favourite healthy dip

· Mix regular peanut butter with freshly ground peanuts

· Use whole grain bread for grilled cheese sandwiches, the toasting will

hide the color and the kids will be "none the wiser"

· Go from white bread to 60% whole wheat bread for one month, then

introduce whole-grain bread. You can make a sandwhich using one slice

of each (60% whole wheat and a whole grain) place the lighter one on the

top, facing up.

· Most children will eat a meal that they have helped to prepare so be sure

to give the kids some "prep" time in the kitchen.

· Let the kids make cookies with you. Use whole wheat flour and carob

chips and they won't even notice the difference; especially if they are

the ones preparing them.

· Add some whole grain, homemade cookies into a bag of prepackaged

cookies and eventually replace the unhealthy selections with the

​ homemade healthier selections.

· Use cookie cutters to make fun sandwiches with whole grain bread

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