This two-day detox is based on fresh fruit and vegetable dishes and juices. It is a gentle yet effective detox that will provide your digestive system with some rest, allowing it to concentrate on eliminating toxins.

To detoxify, is to clean our internal organs from a toxin or pollution. Toxicity occurs in the body when we consume a substance more than we can utilize it or eliminate it and exposure can come from many sources including the food we eat, the air we breathe, chemicals, pollutants and drugs. (1) They can all compromise our body’s natural balance so it is beneficial from time to time to open our channels of elimination and purge those stored toxins.

Some of the signs that may indicate you are suffering from a toxic overload include:

  • Feeling constantly tired, fatigued

  • Problems with skin outbreaks or eczema

  • Constipation

  • Abdominal bloating, pain and flatulence

  • Headaches

  • Achy joints and muscles not explained by overuse

  • Sinus problems or allergic type symptoms

  • Hormonal imbalance

  • Issues with body odor

  • Difficulty sleeping

  • Difficulty concentrating

  • Mood swings, anxiety or stress

  • Problems with irritable bowel syndrome

Some of the beneficial outcomes you can expect from detoxification include:

  • Your digestive system will be flushed of accumulated waste

  • Your liver, kidneys and blood can be purified.

  • Possible dependency on habit forming refined sugar, caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, or drugs can be relieved as your body chemistry normalizes.

  • Your stomach can have a chance to normalize in size; aiding in healthy weight management.

  • You will feel lighter and more energized.

  • You will feel more mentally alert and more emotionally balanced.

Detoxification is not for everyone. Although it is normal to experience mild symptoms like headaches, achy musles and joints, or some weakness or light headedness it is not normal for these to continue or for the symptoms to be more severe. It is important to stop and gently improve nutrition and slowly decrease exposure to toxins if the milder symptoms persist beyond a couple of days or if you become very weak, dizzy, shaky or nauseas.

If you relate with any of the following you should not engage in a detox as it can be more harmful then helpful:

  • Anyone who is malnourished

  • Anyone who has severe candidia

  • Women who are pregnant

  • Anyone with hypoglycemia or diabetes

  • Anyone with ulcers

  • If you are very thin (underweight)

  • If you are currently ill or under a great deal of stress

If you have determined a need to detox and would like a method that is not overly invasive but will still support your liver and gently restore your body’s normal processes, the weekend detox may be a great option for you.

Some Important Planning Before Beginning:

Choose a weekend that you know will not be too busy, a weekend free of scheduled plans is best to allow you plenty of time for rest and relaxation. This is a great weekend to book a relaxing massage or other complimentary therapy and book a gentle yoga or tai chi class to help stimulate circulation and metabolism.

The Day Before:

The evening before your weekend detox, have a light vegetarian meal, followed by a fresh fruit dessert.

Unwind in a soothing warm bath and go to bed early to read and relax.

Day One:


When you wake up, drink a cup of hot water with the juice of ½ a lemon to gently stimulate your liver.

If you like, return to bed to relax or do some simple stretching exercises to stimulate your lymphatic system.

Run a nice warm bath and give yourself a dry skin brush* before soaking, this will help your lymphatic system rid your body of toxins and it will stimulate your circulation.