What gal doesn’t want gorgeous, healthy looking hair, nails and skin! The reality is, however, that many of us struggle with this and the outcome unfortunately isn’t quite as gorgeous or as healthy looking, as we’d like. Our hair looks dull and lifeless, our skin appears dry and “blotchy” with more defined wrinkles and our nails are cracked, chipped and brittle.

There’s good news that doesn’t involve weekly trips to the salon, timely beauty regimes at home or costly products that will break the bank! There are some simple additions that you can incorporate into your dietary routine that won’t take up hours of your time or break your bank account in the process.

Witness great results after incorporating more of the following into your routine:


Proteins are the building blocks for tissue growth and repair; our hair, skin and nails are made up mostly of proteins (keratin, collagen and elastin) that ward off wrinkles and provide strength and elasticity.

Great complete protein sources that will provide us with all of the essential amino acids required include fish, meat, poultry, cheese, eggs and milk.

VITAMIN A AND BETA-CAROTENE (which is converted to Vitamin A in the liver):

Vitamin A comes in 2 forms: active (retinol) from animal sources and beta-carotene obtained from plant sources. Vitamin A is needed in order for our body to utilize protein and it helps to maintain healthy skin and hair.

To help increase your consumption of Vitamin A rich foods think red, green, yellow and orange and incorporate an array of colors into your daily dietary plan. Red peppers, yellow squash, carrots, leafy greens, pumpkin, spinach, cantaloupe, apricots and papaya are all good sources of Vitamin A. Eggs, dairy products, sea vegetables and fish liver oils are also good sources.


Vitamin C plays a significant role as an antioxidant, protecting our body tissue and our cells from the damaging effects of oxidation and free radicals. It is needed for collagen repair of skin tissue, it helps to improve scalp circulation and it helps to reduce the occurrence of hangnails and inflammation of the tissue surrounding the nails.

Citrus fruits as well as strawberries, blackberries, kiwi, cantaloupe, mangoes and papaya are great sources of Vitamin C. Leafy greens, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, snow peas, sweet potato and summer squash are also Vitamin C rich choices.


If we are low in iron, not only will it affect our energy levels and overall health but our hair, nails and skin will suffer as well. Our skin may become very pale and itchy with cracking at the corner of the mouth. Our nails may become brittle and you may notice vertical stripes or a spoon-shaped appearance. Our hair may become dull, dry and brittle with increased hair loss.

Fish and shellfish, eggs, beets, asparagus, leafy vegetables, broccoli, prunes, almonds, kelp, figs, kidney beans, lima beans and lentils are all good sources of iron and should be incorporated into our daily dietary plan.


Our body needs fat, not the unhealthy fats found in fried foods and pastries but the essential Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. For healthy skin we need a balance of both; the typical Western diet tends to provide us with a higher ratio of Omega-6 to Omega-3 than what is ideal; too much Omega-6 can cause inflammation and allergic responses.

Oily fish such as salmon, sardines and tuna are great sources of Omega-3 and can help us maintain a healthy balance of the two.

All dark green leafy vegetables, pumpkinseed oil, flaxseed and walnut oil are also good sources of Omega-3 fatty acids.


Our body is two-thirds water and it is involved in every function of the body. Ensuring an adequate intake is vital to our overall health and wellness; properly hydrating our body can help correct or alleviate many common health complaints including bowel and bladder problems, headaches and dry, dull hair and skin.

Individual needs may vary depending on age, weight and activity level but as a general rule we should be aiming for eight 8 oz. glasses of good quality drinking water per day. Ensuring that we are meeting our daily requirements of fruits and vegetables will also help to ensure that we are obtaining adequate water; they are loaded with water, some up to 90% water

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