Juicing is a great way to get concentrated nutrients in an easy to digest manner. You can add a variety of vegetables in any combination you choose but for added nutrients, antioxidants and phytochemicals always include some leafy greens

Juices can be enjoyed cold or heated, however overheating destroys important vitamins and minerals... personally I enjoy mine cold, especially on these hot Summer days!

Try Some of the Following For All The "Goodness" They Have To Offer

Beet Juice – has been used traditionally to cleanse and support the liver.

Carrot Juice – one of nature’s richest sources of beta-carotene. Add an apple and a handful of parsley for added nutrients.

Green Juices – parsley, spinach, kale, chard, collard greens, and wheatgrass are rich in chlorophyll which is believed to block the genetic changes that carcinogenic substances produce in cells.

Wheatgrass – has been known to heal and sooth the digestive tract. A little goes a long way. It can be easily grown at home. Add a small handful to juices.

Also Try Out Some Of My Favourite Combinations Below

Bok Choy Meets Kale

(makes about 1 litre/4 servings)

1 bunch bok choy

½ bunch kale

2 lbs carrots (6-8 large)

1 large apple (seeded)

1 large lemon (peeled)

Beet Juice + Ginger

(makes 1-2 servings)

5 medium carrots

1 small beet

1 cucumber

2 stalks celery

1 handful parsley

2” piece ginger root (peeled)

Brocco-Carrot Delight

1 stalk broccoli (washed and cut into pieces)

2 carrots

1 apple (washed and cut into pieces)

A Little "Beety" Leafy Greens

4 spinach leaves, washed

2 kale leaves, washed

1 beet, scrubbed and cut into pieces

2 stalks celery, washed

1 apple (washed and cut into pieces)

Dill-icious Cucumber-Celery

1 stalk celery, washed

1 carrot, scrubbed

Half, cucumber, washed and cut into chunks

1 sprig dill, washed

1 apple (washed and cut into pieces)

Process vegetables and dill. Whisk together and pour into a glass.

* optional: whisk in 1 tbsp. unflavoured protein powder.

A Squash Delight That's Good Enough For Breakfast

¼ acorn or butternut squash, scrubbed and cut into chunks

· 2 medium apples, washed and cut into pieces

· 1 carrot, scrubbed

· 1 inch piece ginger root

· ¼ natural plain yogurt

Process vegetables and ginger. Whisk in the yogurt and enjoy!

I'm a firm believer in eating our nutrients and I think that it's important that we get in the habit of eating 3 meals a day with 2 snack choices throughout the day... so I don't suggest that juicing become a regular "meal replacement" part of your routine. That being said they are, however, a great way to get some concentrated nutrients that are easily digested so if you find yourself unable to eat (due to illness/surgery), you're looking for a nutrient-dense snack option or if you've found yourself in the situation of missing a meal altogether then by all means Juice "Up" and benefit from all those vital nutrients!

Sending A Wish Your Way For A Well BALANCED Day